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Casablanca to the Caucuses


Gareth Morgan- BMW GS800

Joanne Morgan  – Suzuki DR650

Dave Wallace – BMW GS650 Dakar
Distance: 15,039km
Countries: Morocco, Spain, Gibraltar, Portugal, Andorra, France, Switzerland, Italy, Leichenstein. Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia

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Norwegian Wood

We’ve spent the last couple of weeks cruising the length of Norway, winding our way along fjords and getting as far north as Tromso, the springboard for our voyage around Svalbard. Norway has a similar population to New Zealand but its largest seven cities contain only 2 million – compared to New Zealand’s big seven […]

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Dog Day Afternoon

They are always the bane of motorcyclists’ lives – dogs that run out at you and threaten to get under your front wheel. Over our years of riding the world our worst dog experiences were in the Peru highlands where the dog’s seemed more like wolves, were clearly not used to motorcycles coming down the […]

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Turkey 3 – Central Plains

While not a standard tourism route (except for those who drive from Ankara to Cappadocia) it’s the vastness and emptiness of the country between Ankara and Erzurum that makes you realise just how big a country Turkey is. There may be 80 million people here but they sure don’t live out here. ” ngg_triggers_display=”never” order_by=”sortorder” […]

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