A peaceful wander in the Cotswolds?

Now we’ve parked up the bikes it’s time for another 3 months of global wandering, this time by bicycle, on foot, zodiacs and a cruise ship. This should provide time for the bum to recover from 3 month’s in the saddle.

So first we’re to Mother England and a taste of “That’s Country” with some peaceful wandering in the Cotswolds. Well that’s what I expected, the allure of the narrow lanes and the footpaths that criss-cross through the fields and the woods make the English countryside the most accessible I’m aware of. And of course it would be so peaceful, or so I thought.

But the sights you see are not always what you expect – it’s airshow season so the serenity is regularly shattered, albeit with the bonus of some great sights overhead. What was unexpected however was that Joanne would feel a compulsion to join in the aerial nonsense, just to keep her adrenalin levels up.

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