Dog Day Afternoon

They are always the bane of motorcyclists’ lives – dogs that run out at you and threaten to get under your front wheel. Over our years of riding the world our worst dog experiences were in the Peru highlands where the dog’s seemed more like wolves, were clearly not used to motorcycles coming down the farm tracks they inhabited – and so just went berserk it seemed as we approached. There are various techniques to deal with them – stop your bike and inch along, speed up (not always possible depending on terrain_) and exhaust them, aim you bike at them, lure them in and kick them in the head, or ignore them and hope for the best.

 I’ve tried all approaches and there’s no tried and trusted method. And it matters not what level of experience you have it seems, anyone can fall foul of the canine threat. In South America that same trip one of our colleagues was dropped by a dog he didn’t see when riding at only 10 kph. The result was two broken collar bones, multiple ribs broken and a pierced lung. Which all meant he spent a few weeks in Cusco Hospital as he was unable to be flown home. And that chap was a motorcycle racer!

 The clip that Dave just took on the highlands of Georgia provides a great view of   4 dog threat to his stability as we cruised through a village. With nerves of steel and full dedication to his movie work, he captured the canine’s unsuccessful attack.

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