Play Misty for Me

Deep in the Norwegian fjords now as we wind down our six week sojourn swanning around the Scandinavian north and before we set off for the Shetlands. The weather we’ve had up here has been phenomenal, like mid-summer in NZ. But that’s now changed and we’re back to a traditional Scandinavian summer – lots of daylight but cool and damp. To be honest the fjords – just like our own Fiordland – are more impressive this way

Being back on the mainland we’ve been able to get on bicycles and ride a bit of the coastline. The Lofoten Islands are especially to be recommended, riding village to village takes you through extremely beautiful scenery, and while the cars do the tunnels, there are purpose-built cycling trails that keep you on the coastline. Just superb for the fans of two wheels, simple camping and not deterred by the dampness that presents the scenery at its best.


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