To Nordkapp

We’ve arrived – up at the Cape at 71 degrees 10 minutes North. So from McMurdo Sound to here it’s been 149 degrees of latitude for us with our bikes this year, out of a possible 180. And I take back what I said about the reindeer in Norway. There are no signs up here but they are everywhere – all with bells on, so free range grazers it seems owned by the Sami people, Norway’s indigenous arctic dwellers.

Great to get to the Cape although the road is a touch easier than the Haul road in Alaska – here it’s all sealed as opposed to 800 kms of dirt road And at the Cape we were greeted by a parking lot filled with a hundred camper vans, all here to see the midnight sun – quite a festive air about the place as people have travelled a long way to get here. NZ$70 admission to the car park is a trap to the captive audience – nobody is going to turn back having come all this way!

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