At last sunshine

Have woken to a glorious sunny day, a couple of hundred km to get to the top of Europe (Nordkapp) and further North than we have had our bikes before. Big day yesterday means a leisurely start today, so I sit in bed looking out at a  blue fjiord with snow clad hills and the blue sky, too much good stuff.

My eyes are tired as still battling the all night sun and the sleep disruption it causes. Prices continue to amaze us with a packet of noodles costing me $4.50 NZ. Still cheaper than coffee at $5 and a glass of beer $15.

Can’t wait to pull on my 3 day old socks ( they need a rinse every 5 or 6 days), slap some sunscreen on (to thwart the wrinkles) and best of all pack the rain gear away.

The two months of “summer” bring lots of camper-vans out and the mid-life crisis boys on their laden Harleys,, all ticking of Nordkapp on their “bucket list” (ie. do it before you kick the bucket)

Get  your  bucket list started today.  1) Hug someone      2)  Ring your ………

Love Jo

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