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UNICEF Project, Bogota

We’ve reached our destination , Bogota, and it is UNICEF day – a day we always look forward to on these rides, because we get to get up  close and personal with a community that day in day out face the reality of survival. Last night two young men were killed, a week ago six […]

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Poverty, red mud and burgers.

Our day in Asuncion with the UNICEF staff again made us think of the poor and vulnerable, lack of education and poor health often means the adults can’t care for the children as well as they would like to. The much loved little ones are carried everywhere and given lots of love but there are […]

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UNICEF Day – Asuncion, Paraguay

Always a highlight of these rides is spending time with UNICEF folk on the ground and looking and learning about the work they’re doing. Today we spent in the capital of Paraguay visiting projects that are focused on getting kids off the streets, lifting their hygene standards and in short making their life better. Life […]

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A Day with UNICEF in Romania

  Leaving Moldova for Romania we soon arrived in Iasi (pronounced Yash) where UNICEF had organised a couple of field visits for us. They’re always a highlight of these motorcycle trips and you get a unique perspective on the country you’re passing through. In this case our organised programme was interrupted because the area had […]

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