Postcard Perfect – but a Slow Movie

That’s how Norway’s scenery can be described. If you blend three NZ roads – the one into Milford, the one around Lakes Rotoiti & Rotoma, and finally the Gates of Haast – you have Norway virtually covered. Not a bad combo actually and then when you get out along the coast all the little islands are joined by bridges or by ferries – make sure you drive the Atlantic Road. Last night we stayed at the foot of a mammoth glacial valley that had taken a couple of hours to ride down – and the view across the Fjord took in 2 or 3 Mitre Peaks – this is the scale of Norwegian scenery.

But man does it rain – again like in Milford. It just hasn’t given up really and we’re taking 8 hours riding to do just 400kms – not helped by the conspiracy between Gestapo style speeding fines, a very low speed limit of 80kph, and a population of totally compliant drivers that drive 5-10 kph below the limit to ensure they don’t get whacked with a NZD1,500 fine.

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