Interesting folk

When we were leaving Reykjavik in Iceland we had a huge bag of fresh cod that we hadn’t been able to eat. Being of a frugal nature I was looking for someone who might like it, waste not want not.

So I met Anna, an older lady stooped, delivering the local papers and asked her if she ate fish. “Yes, but it is very expensive”. The filleted gold was handed over and I got a big hug and saw my first sign of emotion from these very aloof people. She will write to me she has promised.

Aoother chance encounter with Michael, dealing on the casino tables on the ferry. A gorgeous young man a Japanese /Chinese mix Swede who had done his studies in Auckland. He was so pleased to meet his first Kiwi’s on the boat. No I wasn’t playing the tables but filling in a 3 day boat ride trying to meet locals.

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