The political aspirations of the US, China and others can be met with much less harm to Koreans

Gareth and Jo and the team are heading south out of Seoul to Mount Halla which will mark the end of their ride through the Korean peninsula.

In both North and South ordinary folk have spoken to Gareth and Jo and told them of the distress their families feel as a result of the artificial division of Korea, which has been maintained now for 68 years.

Pointing to less hostile relations with other non-liberal political regimes, Gareth explains why he believes the inevitable political ambitions of countries like the US, China and Russia, which lie behind the division of Korea, can be achieved without “splitting asunder” the people of Korea.

Allowing something closer to normal social and economic relations between North and South is the ultimate goal.

The trip through the South has also been eye opening for another reason – forget the idea that Korean economic success is based on low wages and New Zealand should join them in a race to the bottom.

Quality products and quality staff are key – in Seoul manufacturing workers get paid and eye-watering US$100k a year, and yes business is doing very well thank you!

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