Jo Morgan’s take on North Korea

Having just succeeded in crossing the DMZ from North to South Korea, Jo Morgan gives us her personal take on what she experienced in the North. She talks about the food, the people and their personality, their culture and music as well as how Jo and her team interacted with the locals.

It is easy to see why Jo loves the people of North Korea so much and some of her insights may change your preconceptions of the issues there.

3 Responses to Jo Morgan’s take on North Korea

  1. Hot Stuff September 5, 2013 at 10:49 am #

    It isn’t the North Korean people anyone has a problem with, it’s their aggressive, criminal, and tyrannical government.

  2. Liberty Scott September 5, 2013 at 7:54 pm #

    Perhaps what was most offensive was the casual judgement about how good it is that north Korean men are “muscly” because they are required to do so much manual labour, and how “good” that apparently is. Yep, ride your secret Police escorted bikes through, and casually get on with your life, commenting on how lucky these people are – even though none could even begin to contemplate a ride to the next town without state permission, let alone to leave the prison state. You’re not forced to follow the orders of a whimsical regime you can never question or even look unenthusiastic about, but isn’t it nice the men are fit…. as Peter Cresswell has already said on his blog, just like George Bernard Shaw being escorted across Stalin’s USSR, never allowed to see the masses starving, the execution squads or the secret police taking off the disloyal. However, nice they aren’t fat right Jo? Don’t get me wrong. I met several very sweet people there, who I think the world of – but don’t be such a dupe as to think that this isn’t a facade

  3. Anonymous Korean September 7, 2013 at 3:57 pm #

    Thanks heaps Jo,

    As a South Korean having been lived in NZ for the last 20 years, I really appreciate your true and positive feedback on North Korea.

    I have been saddened to read endless lies / misconceptions in the western media about North Korea. I never dreamed of hearing a 100% pure (Yes! I mean it) opinion about NK from ordinary western people. I feel like crying. Thanks again.

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