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Atlas Mountain Murmurings

We’re high in the Atlas Mountains where the days are 28 degrees and the nights a chilly 6. The supply of accommodation is plentiful thanks to the same mania that has swept New Zealand. Online booking has provided a massive economic boost to these remote villages who until now have survived by growing crops for […]

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Creating Chaos in Casablanca

We heard the Moroccans love bargaining so Joanne decided to put that reputation to the test. She offered the cab driver half the price he quoted (we knew it was 20 times the going rate btw). He refused, came down 10% but that was it. So she walked along the row of them & the […]

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On the Road Again

Just as well we decided against heading further south from Agadir ! We’d been warned that Casablanca Customs would prove a challenge, that extricating our bikes from them would be no trivial pursuit. And so it has proved – after 3 solid days in their queues at the container port we’re finally on the road. […]

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The Long Drop Ep.8 – A Vibration-Free Day

No Mud, No Rain, No Bikes, No washers and No Gareth. Jo and Dave meet a traditional Yakutsan Queen and check out a fantastic Cryogenic Museum. Would you like ice with your Mammoth Sir? Rest day in Yakutsk. Me to do email catchups and photo processing, the others to do a little sightseeing – courtesy […]

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