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Travelling Madagascar by Motorbike – The “Galapagos of the West” awaits!

Riders: Gareth Morgan, Jo Morgan, Dave Wallance
Motorcycles: Honda Translaps
Distance: 2,000km
Countries: Madagascar

Trip description: Ride south from the capital through the highlands, taking in the numerous National Parks (this is the Galapagos of the West after all!), and then out to the Avenue of the Baobabs before heading to the east coast and north of the capital to Toamasina and Nosy Boraha. This island is too big to cover in three weeks, especially given there are no circular routes – it’s all hub and spoke from the capital.

Blogs from the trip

Jo winds her way down the Baobab Avenue

To the Baobab Trees

We’re down at Morondava. We’ve come down from the 1400 metres of Madagascar’s central highland and tonight are on the west coast at Morondava. It’s a hell of a lot hotter and we’ve sweated to get here – all to arrive at the world famous “Avenue of the Baobabs” – those crazy trees that look […]

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Doesn’t take Jo long on the road to be engaging the locals

To Antsribe – who the fuck is Alice?

As Smokie’s song “Living Next Door to Alice” goes, any lass with that name can surprise you. 160 kms south of Antananivro is Antsribe, a spa town the Norwegians “discovered”. But we’re not too caring about that, just getting used to these bikes and navigating the outskirts of Madagascar’s capital so we can get to […]

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Three Musketeers Ready to Roll while Manfred looks on

Madagascar – We’re Here

Flying across Madagascar I feel already I’ve been conned – the landscape is parched and treeless, with each valley heavily terraced and the sure signs of rice paddies a giveaway to what’s happening below. As we are on final approach into Antananivro airport we see our first tarsealed road but no vehicles. Thoughts of the […]

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