Jo winds her way down the Baobab Avenue

To the Baobab Trees

Jo winds her way down the Baobab Avenue

Jo winds her way down the Baobab Avenue

We’re down at Morondava.

We’ve come down from the 1400 metres of Madagascar’s central highland and tonight are on the west coast at Morondava.

It’s a hell of a lot hotter and we’ve sweated to get here – all to arrive at the world famous “Avenue of the Baobabs” – those crazy trees that look as though they’re upside down.

Anyway we’re here and we have the photos. Now back to the beach for the night, before we start the two day trek back up to the Highlands where it will be cool in the evenings at least. But I have to say, so far all we’ve seen is a vast denuded area of this country, as the 70% of people trapped in the subsistence agricultural sector, scratch around for a living every day.

No sign of the Madagascar, as in the educational cartoon movie we watched before coming here. Where are the bloody lemurs? So far Galapagos wins hand down as a biodiversity hotspot. This place is overrun with people, Nature hasn’t a chance.

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