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Jungle trail from Guyana into Brazil

We can’t traverse directly from Guyana to Venezuela so there is no option but to go south into the top of Brazil and then head back up to Mr Chavez’s kingdom. The two countries dispute the area we’re in so there is no direct contact. The route is 600 kms, mostly of jungle trail from Georgetown Guyana down to Letham on the Brazilian border. One ferry crossing but by far the main issue is the state of the road/trail. There’s lots of talk of upgrading it but it remains talk only. For parts of the year the trail is impassable and closed – the rainy season in April, May being the worst. The road has only reopened and we’ve heard it’s bad again so don’t have great expectations of a quick traverse. All the better then when we meet two Brazilian riders on Yamaha 250’s with just bedrolls. They are all smiles having conquered the demon. Their enthusiasm is infectious although they reckon we’ll have more of a challenge being on such bigger machines.

30 kms into south of Linden we hit the first mud section with a lorry beached in main track through. It takes a while for us to assess how to get through another way, but it’s done. This is to be the first of a few sticky sections and that makes progress very slow. After 3 hours we have only done 80 kms. The forest is awesome although not many people at all about – although we’d been warned that hijackings were taking place on this road and so vehicles were travelling in convoy – and at night to avoid the high daytime temperatures. No way are we riding at night.

Two days later we emerge at Lethem on the border with Brazil – a good ride, both safe and sound. Now for Venezuela! Pictures here

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  1. Virginia Dysart December 4, 2010 at 2:33 am #

    What a ride! The jungle canapy looked awesome and you got to your destination safely – thank goodness. Those bikes need to be preserved forever what wonderful steeds to carry you over those roads and slush.Well done.


  2. milton souza January 2, 2011 at 2:47 am #

    after we go through ten countries we are finally at home, we wish you a very nice journey, and pass for sao paulo Brazil are here.
    milton marcelo yamaha 250 of the Brazilians

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