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A couple of interesting moments

We were waiting for the tropical down-pour to finish, under a verandah of a gracious wooden house in Paramaribo when a man joined us. He wasn’t very well dressed and looked a bit the worse for wear. He unfolded a sign and was asking for money (I think). The sign said “Help me , my penis is cut off. I need money” Since we were a little incredulous about this claim and further its logic, he started to remove gear to prove the point. Too much,  we decided the rain wasn’t that bad after all and set off.
In the village at the west end of French Guyana, Saint Jean, the little children came in all states of dress and undress to look and laugh at us. It was just like being in Africa as these people were initially brought here as slaves. A couple of the small girls patted my boobs and talked, and then another pulled thetop of my dress down to get a better look. There were shrieks, probably of horror, at these white small things. The local ladies are generally very well endowed so this wasa new experience for the littlies! Photos here.

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  1. Virginia Dysart November 27, 2010 at 7:25 pm #

    Enjoying very much your time spent in Northern South America ( thats very Irish talk isn’t it!} Really I do not know a great deal about the areas you are covering so it is so interesting your observations and pictures depict the scenes so well. The private parts of the anatomy make for amusing reading!! Too funny really you encounter varying colourful

    incidents makes me realise our lives here in N.Z. are mundane in comparison.

    Hot as Hot great weather except for those needing some downpours.Taupo overflowing with bikies and visitors and tourists all leaping into the Lake to cool down. The town hosts these events beautifully with so many volunteers working their buts off to make it such a success for those involved.I stocked up with essentials for the week-end before our roads were closed out here and into Taupo for the safety of the 1.000’s of bike riders to get around the Lake.

    You sound as if you are enjoying exploring up there and good luck for whats ahead.


  2. brendan December 1, 2010 at 6:33 pm #

    The small girls were worried,
    They thought they might have been cut off
    so you could ask for money

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