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Casablanca to the Caucuses


Gareth Morgan- BMW GS800

Joanne Morgan  – Suzuki DR650

Dave Wallace – BMW GS650 Dakar
Distance: 15,039km
Countries: Morocco, Spain, Gibraltar, Portugal, Andorra, France, Switzerland, Italy, Leichenstein. Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia

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Gibraltar Calling

  It’s only 8 miles across but the transformation from Africa to Europe is far wider – politically, economically, religiously and socially. Nowhere is this more dramatically demonstrated than from the most proximate points – Morocco and Spain. It’s hard to believe that half of the world’s shipping passes through this entrance to the Med, but […]

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Riding the Atlas

There’s always a conflict on these long epic-type motorcycle rides. You’re on the bike day in, day out for 3-6 months and so the need to manage risk, get to the end of each day without gear or body broken is simple common sense. But on the other hand, as we ride through each region, […]

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Morocco’s Marijuana Capital

It’s not legal but it’s a roaring business in Morocco; Cannabis cultivation is a significant contributor to the (illegal) exports and to the tourism trade. Indeed the penalty for being caught with it is ten years in prison. However, tourists are frequently let off with only a fine due to Morocco’s need for the tourism […]

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Morocco: Before and After

As our ride around Morocco comes to close it’s interesting to separate my “mind’s eye” preconception of what the country would be like from the impression after a few weeks here. Firstly I though it was all desert and that’s totally wrong. Like NZ the central mountain range makes all the difference. In this case […]

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Atlas Mountain Murmurings

We’re high in the Atlas Mountains where the days are 28 degrees and the nights a chilly 6. The supply of accommodation is plentiful thanks to the same mania that has swept New Zealand. Online booking has provided a massive economic boost to these remote villages who until now have survived by growing crops for […]

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On the Road Again

Just as well we decided against heading further south from Agadir ! We’d been warned that Casablanca Customs would prove a challenge, that extricating our bikes from them would be no trivial pursuit. And so it has proved – after 3 solid days in their queues at the container port we’re finally on the road. […]

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