Yes the roadsigns here in Lapland, Norway warning us of the hazards of Moose and Reindeer are more common than those indicating speed zones – and that’s saying something. We saw a few of these signs in Alaska and the Yukon too in 2006, but nowhere as many as we have seen here – so many in fact that we were, in the beginning quite hesitant to ride round corners in case herds of rampant moose mowed us down. But the conditioning by Norway’s authorities is little more than a tourist marketing ploy, the moose here have long vamoosed, there are far more signs then animals. Pity really, as the terrain is ripe for them – lots of ponds and lagoons rimmed by waterlillies. And as for the reindeer – well they made good steaks last night, and we were assured they were of the farmed variety.

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