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Bryan Wyness

Our mate Bryan Wyness

Our great mate Bryan Wyness was killed in a motorcycle accident a couple of months ago, when a front tyre blowout ended what was an unbelievably full life and left his lovely partner Marion and the kids and grandkids without their wonderful Poppa.

For us riders though Bryan was, and always will be “the Captain” – renowned for his depth of motoring experience, his attention to detail (that only an airline pilot has in their genes), and his great sense of living life to the full.

Well today there was an incident, way too close to comfort to that which took Bryan from us well before his time. Dave got a front tyre blowout and did the untidy wobbles back and forth across the road, before dropping the bike and skidding off to the side. In this instance bike and rider okay – although the rider understandably a bit shaken given the total lack of control that a front tyre blowout leaves you with. Certainly the tragic ending of the Captain’s life flashed before Dave as he plunged to the ground.

We are all thankful that Dave made it through, and our thoughts go out to the Captain who wasn’t so fortunate just a month or so ago.

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