The Road to Moscow

…. was bloody wet and dangerous as we battled our way through a day-long thunder and lightening storm and road surface flooding of an extent that at times you couldn’t tell if you were planning along or still in touch with the bitumen. And the 18 wheeler lorries only slowed down marginally so passed by at double the speed we could manage, letting loose salvos of spray that hit is from a direction of around 10 o’clock and at a speed and volume that pushed us from the road. This was not an enjoyable ride but exhilarating and edgy all the same. In these conditions it’s size that matters and we weren’t the only ones to be on the receiving end – we saw more than one group of pedestrians get a total soaking from passing traffic and retreat back to the roadside defeated, drenched and despairing.

The good news? We’re here, the halfway point of this ride and all are intact. Sadly, Phil’s ride is over but Chris’ is just beginning as they will swap riding duties.

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