The Next Rides

September 2012, Madagascan Magic

Scheduled to commence in September 2012 this ride will soak up the Galapagos of Africa where the species diversity is its hallmark and highlights the most stark of differences to the African mainland, confirming origins of this land were as much related to India as Africa. The roading infrastructure is limited so there will be some fun trying to get where we want to go, it all portends to be a fun excursion to the land of the baobab tree.

August 2013,The Long Drop

A big one this one, from Anadyr, in the Russian Far East (and opposite Nome, Alaska) – all the way south to Otorohanga in New Zealand, this 9 month outing will begin and end on approximately the same longitude. Latitudinally however there are 106 degrees of separation between beginning and end. As well as major climatic variation, the social, political and geographic variation on this traverse couldn’t be more diverse. After heading down the Road of Bones and reaching Russia’s southeastern extreme at Vladivostok, the DPRK beckons and with an ounce of luck a Korean completion once Pusan at the south of the south is reached. Then it’s west to Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and into India’s State of Manipur before slipping into Myanmur as the entry to Indo China. Working south to Singapore, then the islets of Indonesia, Australia will then just a jump away and home will seem next door.



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