Still a militaristic nation at heart, building in Belogorsk

The Long Drop Ep.14 – The Velvet Carpet Ride

Jo finds the best room so far for the best price. What a bargain! Dave and Gareth finally come clean after trashing their hotel room each night.

Tarseal continued with a vengeance today and we cruised along at speeds of 90-100kph all day – unheard of until now, when a 70kph top speed was dicing with trouble. The M58 is like State Highway One down the Foxton Straits without much traffic – easy to fall asleep on. We have 1800 kms of this potentially to get us to Vladivostok. Our destination tonight is Belogorsk which we make comfortably by 4pm and it sits amongst the first farmland we’ve really seen on this ride. The conifers are gone, even the birch forests are giving way to pasture, although livestock is a rare sight indeed still. Some cropping and grass cutting is the sum total of evidence we’re n farming country. It reminds us very much of riding across the Ukraine a few years ago, although not yet nearly as impressive.

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