The Long Drop Ep.11 – Tarseal Teaser.

A younger Russian man falls in love with Jo and tries some nice moves to get her interested. Gareth is not amused at all so heads off on a cleansing mission. Dave gives the bikes a big thumbs up for holding together so far and Jo reveals why she thinks the local Macho men are so hot.

Glorious day and we’re away by 7am, headed today to Neryungri, a further 265kms south. But we spoke too soon, today’s road soon turns back to metal and hardpack with the occasional respite of tarseal only. Morning chai on an abandoned road bridge and lunch at a truckstop café at Bol’shoi Khatimi made for a straightforward transit day through thousands of hectares of Sibarian conifers. No farming at all to be seen – indeed we only have seen a little and that was way back north around Khandyga. The GPS points us toward a Gastronista in Neryungri but it’s long gone so we head to the centre of town and spot a couple en route, one of which fits the bill nicely. Further, there’s a car wash just 1 km away so we’re able to get the inches of mud dislodged from the bikes at last. Good to see also that the welds on Dave and Jo’s bike have survived the pummelling from todays corrugated roads. Dinner tonight is the traditional salami, cheese, noodles, beer and chippie – we’re all too shagged to look for a restaurant.

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