Thanks Konstantin!

Tony has this great mate who lives in Moscow – Konstantin Mekhanoshin without whose help we would have found Russia one hell of a lot harder to get around. While Joanne has learnt the Cyrillic alphabet and can read the street signs, menus and find the loos, Konstantin has dealt with the big issues for us – and we have had a few. From deciding which roads to take, where not to venture, and where to take the bikes in the mayhem that are the mega cities of St Petersburg and Moscow, Konstantin has been invaluable. And our largest problem is dealing with a change of riders on a bike, swapping those guys over in Russia – not a clever move at all with the benefit of hindsight. But Konstantin and the good offices of the NZ embassy here in Moscow – Deputy Ambassador Rowena Hume and Ambassador Chris Elder – we appear to have the right papers to make it happen.

So thanks Kot – you’ve been unbelievably good to us! And the photo – Kot guides a very disoriented Jo around the streets of Moscow!!

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