Taste of Azerbaijan

The first country to sample on this leg of our never ending world-by-bike motorcycling traverse has been Azerbaijan. Despite a corrupt road police force the people have been absolutely marvellous – friendly and welcoming – and most humbling, so many have refused to take any money for services rendered. Nobody will accept our ‘keep-the-change’ and offers and I’d guess one in three cafes we’ve stopped us refuse to take any money for the tea or coffee served. We even had one guy “sell” Joanne a battery for her camera and refuse to take anything for it. Finally we asked an owner of a petrol station why he wouldn’t allow his attendants to keep the change and he stated that it was Azeris duty to ensure visitors were looked after as much of possible. Certainly the traffic cops have a thing or two to learn.

So onward – back to Georgia one last time and then Russia here we come

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