Norway’s SOOO long

We seem to have been travelling through Norway for ages and first thing this morning we will pass the Arctic Circle with another slow1200 km to go before we get to the top of the country (Nordkapp).

Our favourite Norwegian, Lise, who lived with us for a while when studying in Wellington has been missed as we so underestimated the slow times to travel the distances. Sorry Lise.

I’m looking out at heavy grey skies and nearby snow a glimpse of blue in the distance gives hope for a bit of dry road.

On my wanders last night met the local equivalent of our “blanket man” drinking coffee on a park bench, dressed in a suit and tie, he declared himself totally mad. He had lived all over Australia in a previous time and made a sterile Norway have a bit of character for me.

Getting nervous about the Russian roads after seeing this tale of mud.

Love Jo

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