Goodbye to the Scottish Isles

In Dublin now, not long until our return to NZ, having spent 2018 so far pretty much wandering the globe. Hopefully glimpses of summer are starting to appear there so our quest to have a retirement of continuous summers gets off to a good start. We’re not back abroad until we get back on the motorcycles (parked up in Tbilisi for now) at the end of the NZ summer.

Our meander around the Scottish Isles has certainly given us an appreciation of the isolation of so many tiny hamlets scattered across the myriad of islands – and they’ve lived like that for centuries. The weather and seas are challenging (and this is still summer) but no more so than the southern reaches of New Zealand. And of course the history is deep – all the way from the Mesolithic (middle stone age, circa. 9600 BC) – as the archaeological sites up here evidence.

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