Glorious St Petersburg

We made a good choice when we heard about the traffic and time to take bikes to central accommodation and selected a hotel on the outskirts. It still took an hour to do the last 25 km.

Bikes parked under the watchful eye of “muscle bound” Mr Security. The hotel prices here are huge, but some of this is regained by the cheap public transport and metro costs.

We went into the centre to be almost first in line to get into the Winter Palace. After an hour of waiting to get tickets I left the others to see the inner grandeurs of the spectacular building, while I took Gareth on a bus ride.

The city tour bus gave a great overview of a magnificent city that needs at least a week to see it properly. It offered 15 languages by headphone. I’ll have to come back, “off peak” .

It makes you feel like Paris, Venice, Prague and old Oamaru rolled into one.

If you are put off by getting a Visa don’t be as the Russian Embassy in Wellington was very helpful, and our visa requirements for Russians wanting to visit NZ are many times more difficult.

Off to Estonia today. Get that Atlas out

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