Back to the Mountains

Into the Alps this time – French, Swiss, Italian, Austrian –it’s all the same range just carved up by national borders. Unfortunately for us we’re a bit early in the season to be able to ride the passes here – unlike in the Pyrenees, they are still all closed for winter. If we’d been here this time last year we’re told, it would have been fine, but the snow is still low this year. So we’re on the lower slopes and passes only and of course in the valleys where most of the settlements lie.

The following clip shows our perspective of Mt Blanc and the Eiger plus a conflated perspective on a couple of our train journeys – one aboard a vehicle train through the Lotschberg Tunnel , and the other the famous Eiger train that goes up inside the mountain to the ‘Top of Europe’. Out the window of that train we are mesmerised by the North face of the Eiger, the wall that has claimed so many lives over the years.

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