What a ride. We are at the top of Africa

We are at the top of Africa and waiting at Tunis for tonights ferry. Tunisia has been a real delight, especially after the ruin of Libya.

We managed to get some riding excitement along a 60 km shortcut that someone, probably Brendan, had found. Yes when I thought all the sweaty days were over another road to stress the shocks and luggage and me.
I,m not great at riding some of the adventure stuff that the REAL BOYS seem to love. Paul of course has done competitive riding in far worse conditions and Brendan and Tony do mud and rocks for fun in the weekends so they wonder at my quiet application to a road they celebrate. Anyway I made it and stayed on.

Tunis is a civilised place and steaks and wine were on the menu last night, and tonight we get to sleep on the ferry to Sicily.

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