Bye from Jo

We are at the end, London. We have gone from spring and blossoms in South Africa to bitterly cold bleak UK and morning frosts, and between the equatoral scorching heat of deserts and the wet season in Ethiopia and Sudan.
We have had roads that are as smooth as a baby’s bottom to the ones that ate my three shock absorbers and mud and sand experiences to last a life time.

We encountered whole countries of beggars chanting “give me my money” to the fiercely independant groups that look on our life-style and relative wealth with disdain. We have been offered hospitality that is humbling from many folk of all walks of life.

The farmers that patrol their land with AK47 guns are welcoming and friendly . The women cowed beneath their robes enchanting, friendly and offering food and encouragement to me.

We have been charged by elephants ( charged double by Egyptians) seen a proper zebra crossing and sights to dream about in my dotage.

I have fallen in love with the wonderful men I travelled with, all unique people and a great team.

We all stayed well, the team all know each other like a family. Actually you are a type of family at the end of a trip like this.

BUT Can’t wait to go home and be Nana again.

Thanks for sharing the trip.

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