They Love Their Donkeys

Donkey Love is a not altogether uncommon occurrence in this region of North Botswana through which we’re currently passing. We’re not surprised given the ratio of donkeys to humans in this neck of the woods. The following appeared in The Ngami Times yesterday;

It’s happened again – well maybe it’s been happening all the time behind closed stable doors. A man has reportedly been seen having carnal relations with his favourite girlfriend, a donkey. A passerby raised the alarm. Taking a donkey as a mistress is not uncommon in Ngamiland, one luckless man was recently stripped at the local police station for his misdemeanour and then acquitted because stripping prisoners is not due process. In another celebrated case a donkey lover wanted to bring his donkey to court as evidence but this was disallowed by the nonplussed magistrate after the man said, “I love my donkey and she loves me”.

Other similar incidents have been reported including the rape of three donkeys in quick succession, which warranted a mention on foreign television. That case resulted in a rash of bumper stickers reading “Donkeys Against Rape”.

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