The Delta of Botswana

We have just come out of the Okavango Delta where we have had a couple of nights under canvas.
Worthogs made there nightly nest under Floyd’s sleeping platform and the roar of the lions and huge snorts of nearby hippos made our nights a bit less relaxing than having 4 walls. Also during the night you would hear the trees nearby being nudged over by elephants. What a great place to see the herds of zebra and lots of other horned animals frolicing free.

We heard from the pilot of the small plane that the “Long Way Down” boys and their crew of 16 went out to a lodge in the Delta yesterday, so have just missed them.

We are finding the two new boys great company and it hasn’t taken Paul long to get into the swing of being “Laundry Boy”. I had been warned that he was a bit of a sexist at heart, but no signs yet.
Tony a techno boy is still producing marvelous toys that make us look like a technology road show, with him and Gareth setting up Satellite dishes and full office resources when-ever we stop.
The rest of the time Tony photographs pylons (no not the snakes, pythons) we have even discussed “line-losses” just so he doesn’t get homesick.

Dave was stopped by a police-man to ask why they were letting the old lady ride a bike when we had an extra man riding pillion. Poor Floyd each time people knowingly nod their head with 6 bikes and 7 travelers and say “Ah, yes the lady rides on the back, yes”. If that is the only problem it not bad,Eh.
Love to you all at home
xx Jo

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