Chobe chills

This morning we went for a drive through a part of this famous park. We started at 6am and had all our gear on as it was freezing, probably around 3 degrees and once you start travelling in the open vehicle your extremities stopped circulating.
We were lucky enough to see a group of 4 lionesses one heavily pregnant but the herd of tour vehicles that descended on our catch was a shock to me and made me wonder about this type of tourism. Floyd pointed out that it wasn’t long ago we would have been shooting everything we saw with guns and not cameras.

The other animals we were able to see as they went to the river were the African Buffalo, kudu, Impala, a herd of giraffes, families of baboon, and elephants. More interesting sightings from the “booze cruise” in the afternoon we hope. All this isn’t as impressive as chancing on the big game on the road and coming along a straight to see a huge giraffe standing on the road is a heart stopper as I found out. Herds of elephants also roamed the grassy verges.
Off into Zambia today and hope to see the BIG falls at Livingstone and then cross over into Zimbabwe for Gareth to experience inflation rates changing hourly.
Lots of love to home

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  1. David Streeter July 29, 2007 at 3:39 pm #

    Gareth and Joanne
    great trip you are having-sounds more exciting than America to me-can’t wait for blogs and photo’s.
    take extreme care.
    David Streeter

  2. Chris November 19, 2007 at 1:53 am #

    Hey there 🙂
    we saw you crazy bunch at a petrol station on 28th July. We thought we were doing it tough in a safari truck. Tonight we had Kiwi friends for dinner and we mentioned having seen those mad kiwis and they said . . that would be Gareth Morgan. So we googled you and sure enough it was. Kep up the great work. Maybe see you again somewhere.

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