Namibia – nice

We have had lots of wonderful views over the last week. Fish river canyon was at the end of a dusty hot ride through a desert and was huge like the “Grand Canyon” in USA but we really missed having a coffee shop and take-aways there.
Back through the desert hot and dry with huge birds like the road-runner cartoons, ostriches running up to 70 kph beside the bike. Also we have seen lots of springbok and other deer like things springing out of our way, kudu with big curly horns and oryx with sharp horns and quite a rich flavour. Yes we were fed it for dinner at one of the great lodges we have stayed at or camped beside. The food is great and I suspect we will all have put weight on with huge breakfasts and dinners.

I have had to send two boxes of surplus gear home as I had a few bits that we had doubled up on with the other riders. Also I had taken a change of clothes that I decided was superfluous, so now I sleep in all my clothes on these cold nights and pack them away during the 30 plus degree days
The roads are mainly sand and gravel and you have to keep you wits about you as the surface changes often. I fell off once in deep sand on the road but that was after some spectacular wobbles and so I was going very slow and it wasn’t a problem. Also I told the others I saw a giraffe, and I’m sticking to that story. I wasn’t the first one to get caught by the sand so my pride wasn’t too damaged, it is always good not to be the first on to fall off.

Namibia is really spectacular, and the least populated country in Africa. Still most shops and hotels are behind electric fences and razor wire, so it is a strange way to live for us who are used to being able to go any-where. We are in Windhoek at the moment trying to sort a problem on one of the bikes as it is over-heating.

Hope all is well in New Zealand, you seem so far away. People have been great here
We hope to continue into the Kalahari (desert) tomorrow but I’m sure it will seem tame compared to the huge Namibian sand-dunes we saw a couple of days ago.

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