The drums beat, and booty writhes. Capoeita dancers kick and duck.
Big boobs and butts are in,,,, and the Brazilians know how to move them. These folk seem to have a movement that we have not got the gene for, it is captivating. The men touch, hug and charm and many have the belly of affluence. One even sang me ” opera ” from the pool at the perfect Posada (found by chance) in a steep cobbled lane in the old town. This Pousada da Mangueira is a hidden gem having everything plus we have a lovely balcony over the street so the vibrations of life rock you to sleep. ( Gareth may describe this differently). This is very like African coastal towns like Zanzibar a must do. The portugese language continues to confound us and we miss our Dave and his sign language to help get our needs expressed.

In fact I am missing the others a lot as it is a spectacular place where going to bed as early as Gareth is a sin. Going out alone is not a viable option as there are temptations as well as crepes and icecream.
The 32 degrees and 75 % humidity is wonderful.

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