sugar cane harvests and new plantings

First 3,000 Kms

sugar cane harvests and new plantings

Hard grind working our way up to Amazonia from Brasilia, which is still 3 or 4 riding days away yet. This is a very big country and pretty hot – each day’s ride is about 4-500 kms, and at 34 degrees (by 9 am) and 70-80% humidity. So you’re sweating before you even start riding. But the infrastructure is astoundingly good, superb roads with less and less traffic on them as you come north. Can see why Brazil is described as one of the economies on the move (BRICS – Brazil, Russia, India, China). Everything is so new – roads, factories, even towns. Slight blemishes though – in NZ if we built a new dual carriageway (remember those days?) we’d go around any town in the way with a bypass, in China they’d simply bowl the town and build a new one next to the carriageway. In Brazil they haven’t made up their mind – so you get to a town on this gleaming new road, and the main route suddenly degenerates into a series of back street zig zags until finally you join up again with the superhighway that commences again on the other side of town. It’s like they haven’t decided whether China or the Kiwis know best!

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  1. Alec Morgan November 2, 2010 at 9:11 pm #

    So what was Brasilia like? faded glory like UN headquarters? Just loved all your previous books, I told my petrol head friend about this site but he refuses to look at it and is waiting for the book!

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