I’m better

Nothing worse than to be working on the bikes and getting the new sprockets and chains done and then feeingl crook. Luckily the very capable Junior took over and I lay down and didn’t move for 24 hours. No one was more surprised than me, to have enough of a recovery to get on the bikes the next day, and do 350 km. We went to a “new town”, Luis Eduardo, only 7 years old, and already a bustling grubby frontier place with almost everything needed to service the agricultural base. Here we found a tyre place that put Gareth’s rear on the right way round, and found the best Japanese restaurant ever to give my still delicate gut a treat.
On to the hot road for 550 km the next day cruising past the huge trucks and figuring the signals out, as the truckies’  blinkers and lights tell the traffic story and passing chances.  A traffic jam had us passing 3 km of trucks and maybe  10 cars to find road works ,,,, they were waiting for the paint to dry on the new road markings. we were let through to drive between the wet bits and then past the long  queue going the other way.

And then ending in a gorgeous old town, Lencois, from the diamond era here. We planned to stay an extra day but Savador called and we went.

Definitely worth it.

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