Jo bids bye to Junior & Erika, Mambai

Farewells and Away

Jo bids bye to Junior & Erika, Mambai

Leaving Mambai in West Bahia, Brazil to start the long ride (1300kms) out to Salvador the State capital on the coast and former capital of Brazil itself (until the sugarcane industry waned), we thanked our hosts for caring for the bikes and helping with maintenance to get the machines road ready once again. Both started first time – pretty good considering had been sitting idle for 6 months. The road north to Luis Eduardo as easy but the temperatures & humidity a little less. Still a good kicker day of 300 kms, though Jo is a bit poorly – something’s eating her, let’s hope it fades with the miles.

Simon gets the Gringos Away

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  1. Virginia Dysart October 26, 2010 at 10:28 pm #

    Hi there, At last you are on your journey again,have a great ride. Your article before leaving N.Z.on Debt adds extra pressure to sell has had many comments.We farm cows after years of sheep & Beef and on our original farm a lands Settlement property by ballot in 1966/67. A scheme bought in by the Govt to settle unproductive N.Z. farmland ie the Central plateau from pumice srub and fern and wild pigs.and any other land in N.Z. not developed or producing and mainly Govt. owned.
    You had to be a New Zealander.25yrs of age.Worked on a farm for 12months.Have very limited finance certainly not enough to buy a farm, but enough savings for a deposit. The land was under a lease hold arrangement for 33yrs and hopefully the settlors by that time would be able to freehold it, some did so before that period depending on their abilities
    or type of property they had drawn in the ballot.

    Today with the escalation of land values it is impossible to get the young keen fit men and women onto owning their piece of farmland to live and work and bring up a family unless they
    manage to find a pot of gold along the way.
    Because dairying did so well and has been so [popular (good cash flows and Fonterra keeping things running pretty well) all other farm land has priced itself as dairy potential and hiked the prices sky high even though they are not always set up as dairy farms initially.
    Our Banks have a lot to answer for in that regard as the cost of productive land should be sold well only on what it has been proved to produce. Greedy corporate raiders and farmers with more than one farm have been able to go beserk and own many properties and have pushed the prices up unrealistically just like the townies with their houses . I have little sympathy with Mr.@ Mrs Crafar and their ilk they were downright greedy how could they need that many farms to put a meal on the table and enjoy their life without going over the top. Every dog has his day – is the old saying and that saga has illustrated it better than anything.No I think some good rules need to be in place with outside buying up of our precious assets with this Mary Wang saga and that silly Bill Ralston mucking around it really makes me wonder about the business acumen and ethics going on in this country- enough to send you out to take up smoking and drinking !!

    Virginia. D. (West Yaupo)

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