Zee Zambezi

Well we have had a little detour in Zambia down to Lake Kariba. This detour is lead by our dam enthusiast (Tony) who gave us lots of facts and figures to make this visit a very educational experience. This is the lake caused by the damming of the Zambezi and is huge nearly 300 km long and 40 wide. The dam has an intake and powerhouse on each side, one for the Zambians and one for the Zimbabweans as it is on a shared border. The 10 million Zams use half the amount of power as the North Island of NZ.

We took a canoe trip down from the dam wall through the gorge of the Lower Zambezi River.
Lunch in the middle was a beach location chosen as it was one of the few places with no crocs or hippos sun-bathing on it. Wild life here isn’t conducive to swimming.

Local people are really friendly and generally well educated but the chances to escape the poverty seem few and far between. Now in Lusaka in a flash shopping mall, eating Subway and good coffee too. One of our crew is on security for the bikes so better go.

All well. Thanks for the emails


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