Update on the Seattle service

You know how I told you how wonderful it was in the bike shop a couple of days ago.

The bike felt strange and heavy and I decided the new fork seals had really changed things.

About 50  miles down the road I did the routine chain kick to see how it was holding up after being charged $25 for a chain lube (Yes that is US $$ about NZ $45) The chain was so tight that there wasn’t a bit of movement, BMW even put a sign in English right by the chain to remind you to leave some slack. If it had broken which it was primed to do I’d have never realised it was anything but bad luck. Tyres were inflated to 46 rear and 39 front. Makes you wonder about who was awake in the BMW work-shop. Still I broke the rule of “Never trust a job” always check it.. Dave the manager is coming down to NZ soon so I’ll make him buy me a big beer. I did get a T-shirt but have decided I’ve really paid.

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