It is HOT

Today it has been 115 degrees as we have come south from just above San Fransisco. My face is burnt red from the wind after a few minutes with the visor up. Motorway travel is really hard in these conditions especially as I got a screw in the new rear tyre about 20 km before the golden gate bridge. “Bang” and being in the 4th lane of 5 wasn’t looking so smart so a very wobbly movement across the lanes at 120 km/hr got me into the triangle by an off ramp. Dave as always wasn’t far behind to deal with the problem, thanks Dave.

There were several near misses on the off ramp as we worked in fear of our lives and two actual crashes including a four car pile up. Maybe we were a distraction. Cop arrived and offered to help but went to help sort the carnage up the ramp when he saw the full picture. Roger and Gareth missed us after a few miles, and then a long circuit for Gareth trying to find us while Roger was posted along the motorway to stop us if we appeared.

Riding the Golden Gate Bridge and Bay Bridge and the roller-coaster streets was a buzz, and just missed the “flowers in your hair” thing.

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