First World Squirts

Yes we were guilty on the Silkroad tour of blaming the affliction of diarrhoea after lunch on the unsanitary conditions encountered in the eating establishments along that route. But this explanation looks suspect now that we have encountered a similar fluidity soon after digesting at highway food outlets here in the US. The last couple of days have been a case in point. It began with Joanne crawling across the floor of Yosemite Canyon soon after imbibing a chocolate milk drink. A vicious attack of tummy trouble was only brought to an end by her throwing said refreshment up for the bears to enjoy. The next episode was a cafe brunch that caught both Dave and Gareth out within an hour. Gareth was lucky enough to make it to a gas station bathroom, but Dave, as occurred last year, had no such luck and didn’t even manage to get off the bike before being compromised. And these are not isolated incidents. We conclude that the constant change of diet on these roadtrips is a source of intestinal instability that can drop even the most hardy of souls to the floor in an instant. The good news is that recovery – once you’ve vacated your chambers – is equally rapid.

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