Trying to Penetrate the DMZ

We’ve spent two days now riding along the razor wired southern boundary of the DMZ from the east coast back toward Seoul. Past the rest of the tunnels bored by the North Koreans and past the shot out Labour Party Headquarters where hundreds were tortured and executed during those dark days of occupation.

The presence of military is heavy and we seem to share the roads and tracks only with vehicles driven by the young conscripts doing their 2 years compulsory service. It’s clear that this border is somewhat less porous than that between Mexico and the USA which we were able to swim across earlier this year. Even thoughts of a Steve McQueen-style motorcycle leap across the wire into the DMZ don’t linger – the South Korean troops, the minefields, and the helicopters hovering overhead seem to have most options closed – and we don’t have time to dig a tunnel north.

Oh well, best away to Seoul now then for our last 24 hours.

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