A day left to ride

The roads we have experienced here have been just great. Lots of tight curves and us wishing the footpegs didn’t drag quite so easily. Some wonderful views and the other extreme that we have seen in the last few days, serious smog, obliterating all but the closest scenery and shrouding our lives in grey.

The prolific production of crops and veges on every bit of available land meant that camping sites would have been impossible to find (if we were looking). Luckily we have stayed in an assortment of local places averaging about $45 to $50 and often having dozens of extras squeezed into a tiny room. Air con, fan, hairdryer,TV, video, hot and cold water filter,computer,fridge, baskets of toiletries, toothbrush and tonight a painted romantic roof and mood lighting.

Today has taken us along the guarded roads parallel to the central part of the DMZ, past the historic Labor Party Ruins and the trench behind where the Commy tortured patriots were buried, we watched the helicopters and migratory birds crowd the skys and no doubt were watched ourselves from the multitude of guard posts on every hilltop.

Middle of the night here and the room computer is getting the better of me so must get some shut-eye in anticipation of another fine road to Seoul

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