To Pee or not to Pee that is the question

The heat means you need to drink gallons of water. Most days you sip through 5 litres of the warm stuff on your back and more if you are riding in the heat. But where does it go to. Several of us got to the end of hot days with no pee. I did drink 7 litres of water with no pee one day (that is almost a bucket full) so it is a good thing not to have the temptation of cold beer or wine at the end of the day– alcohol is a diuretic.

Yes the Sudan is “dry” and the “no beer here” policy is strongly enforced (prison sentence). We will sip the beer in Egypt as it is only at the overpriced bars of the 5 star tourist hotels

The rule of an Indian Guru I once knew still holds true “You can’t have a beer until you pee clear” so part of the daily health check in the heat is “What colour do you pee?”

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