Egyptian Customs

We arrived into Aswan off the Wadi Halfa ferry needing a shower. The pushing and chaos as we tried to disembark was to be marveled at and Dave left the boat by the cabin window to avoid the crush (or was it to avoid the immigration check). I was pleased to be off the ferry as our cabin was next to the toilets. The only good thing about the toilets was that there was a big lip at the door that stopped the swill going down the hallway.

It is Thursday, the bikes arrive Friday night on a barge, but can’t land until Saturday because Friday is a prayer day. Saturday has become a “sort of ” public holiday but some of the Christians will work as they are able to eat during Ramadan. Sunday is a public holiday as it celebrates a past war (?). We know it is a two day process to get number plates and legal for Egyptian roads and have read horror stories of long delays due to paper work.

I’m finishing this a bit later as the nightmare of the Customs has to be told by Tony and Brendan who acted as our reps for most of this saga. They are still receiving counselling on an hourly basis until the urge to punch all Egyptians has subsided

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