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The little things etc

When you are riding along things catch you eye so about 6 weeks back I saw a crab like thing going across the road and then wished I had gone back to see what it was.

On the road into Puerto Piramides where we have been for two nights, again, the same thing. I was doing 100kph so it wasn’t a  small dot on the seal.  So back to find a huge, black hairy, tarantula spider on the road.  She crawled over my boot and I was tempted to let her crawl over my hand as I have heard they are fairly non aggressive, but I chickened out.

Also the road has delivered the softest body I have ever held, an owl. It made you want to be a baby owl and be enveloped in it. Grey and white and a 2 foot (about 65cm) wing span but hardly any weight. Tiny dead eyes in the huge orb of feathers had last seen the fender of a car.

And the highlight of this area (Valdez Peninsula), the baby seals frolicking on the beaches, while Killer Whales cruise by selecting their lunch. We went to watch and luckily didn’t see any attacks. Monday there were 27 attacks as the black and white monsters threw their bodies up the beach to grab a tasty morsel of seal.

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