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Bottoms up and then there were two

Well we have to leave Ushuaia and Teirra del Fuego now, time to head north. Just 3,000 kms to Buenos Aires up the east coast and across the pampas. But we’ll make a push first to get 1,000 kms up so we can break into some new country and back to warmer climes. Also this marks the end of the road for the Group of Five. We will from here be down to two for the second half of his leg of worldbybike.  Families and work commitments are a’calling so for Brendan, Chris and Tony it’s time to be homeward bound.

Been a good group this team of five, been happy campers and we’ve seen and done some cool stuff together. Nobody will forget the salt flats of Bolivia or the Carretera Austral. And we were grateful not to be a week earlier otherwise we would have been in Concepcion the night of the quake! Oh dear that would have been awful.

Onwards. Home for some – and a bunch of new experiences for Jo and me now.

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