The Inner Passage & Vancouver Island

Frankly Alaska’s Inner Passage got a bit boring after 4 days – maybe we were just missing our bikes. But sitting on ferries staring at pine & spruce trees-covered islands ad nauseum is for old folks. The whales were great but it’s such a long way and so much motorcycling is sacrificed that we agreed that one or two days in passive tourist mode is more than enough.

Then to the top of Vancouver Island and the 500 kms run down there. great to be back on the bikes and how I’d best describe the main drag down the island is to think of it like the road from Tokoroa to Atiamuri and then multiply the length by 10. So forest-covered rock outcrops and some nice rivers. But then you can also look at the coast road of the island and it is very like the country around Nelson with its Tahuna hill, Tasman Bay with Takakaka hill in the distance. In this second week of July the crowds are here as the island is the summer playground for Canadians who live inland.

All in all very pretty but no substitute for being on the road and in the wilderness.

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